Beardo Beard Softener (Daily Nourish) (50g)



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India’s 1st beard yogurt
Hydrates and softens instantly
Helps calm irritation and itchiness
Provides moisture & nourishment
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this oil or lotion?

It has a non-greasy cream formula.

Is this a leave on lotion or have to wash after applying???

Firstly you'll have to wash your beard, then apply Beardo Beard Yogurt and gently massage it and reach the roots as well.

Can this be used in summers?I mean if we are in the sunlight the whole day?

Yes! Beardo Beard Softener has a non-greasy formula and it can be used in all weathers.

Will make my beard really soft?

With regular use and care using Beardo Beard wash and Beard softener, your beard will become softer and shinier gradually.

Does it help to grow my beard?

Beardo Beard Softener will soften your existing beard but not aid its growth, you can use Beardo Growth oil for Beard growth
Make A Smooth Move!

Due to daily dust and pollution the beard ends up trapping a lot of dirt and dust causing your beard to be susceptible to beardruff (beard dandruff), excessive oiliness and other skin problems. And what's worse than an itch that won't go away? Rough and pokey beard hair that never grows to your desired length! Introducing the Beardo Beard Yogurt that gives you long-lasting beard hydration without leaving it greasy for a soft, smooth and caressable mane, .  

Give your beard a soft touch

Just like skin, your beard needs a little care too. Beardo’s Beard Yogurt is an ultimate product for wholesome beard care. Apply Beardo Beard Yogurt daily right after a thorough beard wash and you’re done! Following this beard care regime regularly will help keep your beard smooth and manageable.  

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