Beardo Black Musk Perfume EDP (100ml)



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EDP (high concentrate perfume) instead of EDT (regular perfumes)
Musky, Fresh, Woody
Irresistible, sensual, unforgettable
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it last all day long?

If sprayed at the right pulse points, given its highly concentrated formula. It is sure to last longer than other perfumes.

Which are the right places to wear the perfume correctly?

By spraying the perfume on your collar bones, behind the ear lobes, wrists and underarms makes it last longer.

Is it good for winter or summer?

Beardo has created this perfume to be versatile and therefore it can be used for all seasons and reasons!

Is it a day or night wear fragrance?

Beardo Black Musk is an intense fragrance with heady notes of Musk, Lavender and Cedar wood which makes it perfect for night wear.

Can women use it?

This perfume is created for Beardos, however there’s no harm if women use it too.
Evoke your inner animal

Black Musk Eau de parfum is highly concentrated and designed carefully to bring on the deepest and wildest aspect of your personality. The fragrance's aromatic and woody scents are topped off with sensual Musk and Lavender to lend a fresh and airy appeal while middle and base notes of Bergamot, Cedarwood and Amber strengthen the woody flavors and add a masculine touch. This unique fragrance from Beardo is strong and long-lasting making it perfect for nighttime wear and complement your nocturnal activities

Get ready to prowl

Evoke an uncanny animal instinct with the wickedly wild Black Musk Eau de Parfum for men. Its strong and fiercely magnetic fragrance lets you catch attention and arouse curiosity in the moments that count. Just spray on your pulse points and be ready to prowl, Black Musk EDP is sure to lure your prey.

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