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Includes:Beardo De-Tan Facewash for Men (100ml), De-Tan 2in1 Toning Serum (30ml) & De-Tan Face Scrub 100g
Lightens and brightens skin
Loaded with anti-oxidants
Helps Reduce Tan
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India’s First Ever Toning Serum​

Let's face it, we can't avoid the sun, and we don't have time for an elaborate skincare routine. So, Beardo has introduced India’s first ever 2-In-1 toner + serum, this  serum helps in reducing suntan and improving the overall skin quality. Using this serum regularly will give you the clear and glowing complexion you've always wanted without putting in a lot of work.​

Retain your shade in sun​

Let's face it, we cannot avoid the sun. We need to go out in the sun, be it for work or travel, but the strong sunlight and UV rays can be harsh to our skin and regular exposure to sun and dust can lead to tanning and other skin issues. But as always, Beardo is here to rescue you from the unwanted tan, Beardo De-tan Facewash. Enriched with natural Aloe Vera extracts and Vitamin E, this facewash will not only cleanse your skin but will also heal it, nourish it and de-tan it without making it dry. By using this face wash regularly, your skin will have a clear and glowing complexion you've always wanted.​

Revive your skin with caffeine!​

No matter how dull and tired you are, a cup of coffee always does the trick; it gives you the much-needed kick to energize your body. Beardo Caffeine Face Scrub too, does the same to your skin. Specially formulated for men, this face scrub works wonderfully on your tough skin to exfoliate dead skin, moisturize the upper layer of your skin, and regenerate cells for a fresh look and youthful radiance. It instantly reveals the inner glow of your skin, reviving it from the daily wear and tear due to heat, dust, and pollution.​

So, next time whenever your face looks dull, dry, and worn out, you know it's time for a quick dose of caffeine a.k.a Beardo Caffeine Face Scrub!​

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