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Beardo Godfather Perfume (100ml) & Godfather Beard Oil (30ml) Combo



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Includes: Godfather Perfume (100ml) & Godfather Beard Oil (30ml)
EDP(high concentrate perfume) instead of EDT (regular perfumes)
Strong & long-lasting
Grooms your beard perfectly
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to use Godfather Beard oil and perfume together?

Why not! While the oil will make your smooth and shiny, the perfume will add to your appeal making you irresistibly dapper.

Is Godfather perfume long lasting?

Beardo Godfather perfume is an EDP which is stronger than other ordinary perfumes and lasts longer.

Is Beardo Godfather perfume a day or night fragrance?

Beardo Godfather Perfume has a versatile fragrance which makes it suitable for both day and night.

Which are the right places to wear the perfume for it to last longer?

By spraying the perfume on pulse points like collar bones, behind the ear lobes and back of the wrists makes it last longer.
Begin your rule

Be prepared to captivate the senses of one and all with the powerful enigma of Beardo Godfather EDP. Beardo Godfather perfume has an alluring and authoritative appeal that instantly overshadows ordinary perfumes. It is a fine concoction of mint and lemon along with an intense and passionate aroma of Geranium flowers and base notes of Vetiver and Musk, which isn't just strong and long-lasting but also irresistible.

Wear your attitude

Beardo Godfather is created to be versatile for all occasions, yet it is sure to make you stand out. Its unique and powerful scent is fit to be used during day as well as night. It is a unique combination of citrus and spicy notes which make it fit for all seasons too! Just spray some onto your pulse points for a subtle aroma or directly on your clothes if you want to be just out there unabashedly!

Beard it like a beast!

You cannot go wrong when it comes to your beard. Grow it like it is your most precious possession in the world! Wear it like it is the costliest crown! With Beardo Godfather Beard Oil having all the essential oil blends for men, unleash that beard freak in you. With a blend of almond oil and aloevera, get that raw, rough and edgy look with Beardo Godfather Beard Oil!

Benefits of using beard oil

If you want your beard to have that sexy and scruffy look,  Beardo's Godfather Beard Oil is your answer. It not only makes you feel like a million bucks, but also prevents redness and itchiness. Aloe vera extracts and Almond oil keep the beard nourished  and soft. The sleek style of your beard is always maintained with Beardo! What’s more? Beardo Godfather Beard Oil has a non-greasy formula making it a truly best beard oil for men.

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