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Beardo Hair fall control kit (Shampoo, Serum & Growth oil)



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Includes: Beardo Hair Growth Sulphate Free Shampoo(200ml), Hair Serum (50ml) & Hair Growth Oil (50ml)
Promotes hair growth
Prevents hair fall naturally & use in conjunction for best results
Gives hair an attractive shine
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Hair Fall is a Thing of the Past!

Comprising of three highly effective hair control solutions, this is the best shot you have to control your pesky hair fall problem. Hair fall can be a rather difficult thing to deal with for people. Men are prone to this problem as they age. Add to that the increasing pollution and constant construction happening in a developing country like India, and you have a bit of a crisis. A baldness crisis! Well, no matter! Fortunately, for all of the beard lovers, Beardo brings you the best way to combat hair fall! Stop experimenting with hair remedies for thinning hair, and do yourself a huge favor: Buy the Beardo Hair Fall Control Kit today!

How to Get Rid of Hair Fall?

To truly get rid of hair fall, we must target the problem from the roots, quite literally! With that in mind, Beardo created three products that, between themselves, attack each piece of the puzzle separately. The Beardo Beard and Hair Growth Oil promotes growth from the very roots by rejuvenating the hair follicles. Sesame oil, coconut oil, and various vitamins make the oil extremely effective. To stop hair from breaking, this combo comes with salon-grade air Growth Vitalizer Shampoo. Just to top it off, the hair serum softens, nourishes, and deodorizes that growing mane of hair, be it on your face or head. Used in conjunction, this combo pack is the one-stop solution to all hair fall problems for men!

How to Stop Hair Fall Naturally at Home?

The answer is simple: by using the three hair fall control products in this combo set. In total, the three products combine the power of multiple oils, hair growth stimulants, and hair fall retardants - all naturally. These ingredients not only stop the hair from falling, but increase the growth of hair.  Never again will you need to look up hair fall tips on the internet! This is the last stop on that journey. Once your hair is back in full growth mode, use the Beardo Argan Oil from our Beardo Hair Grooming Products range at These are powerful natural tools at your disposal. Use them wisely!

Product Information

Country of Origin: INDIA


Marketed by: Zed Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd., 711, Shapath V, S.G. Road, Prahlad Nagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380015


Best Before: 24 months from date of manufacture