Beardo HEMP Soap (125g)



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HEMP: Nature's Miracle for Healthy Skin
Body Acne Reduction
Heals & Calms Inflammation
Youthful & Clear Skin
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use it on my face?

Beardo has created this soap to be effective on your body, we recommend using our Hemp facewash and Hemp face wash scrub on your face for best results.

Can it be used to wash my beard?

You might want to pick from Beardo’s range of Beard washes as soap might make your beard dry and rough.

Can women use it too?

Beardo Hemp Dope Soap is made keeping men’s skin in mind, however, there is no harm if women use it!

Can I use it to wash my hair?

Using soap on hair may make them dry and rough, we would recommend to choose from Beardo’s range of shampoos according to your hair type.
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Calm, Clear and Youthful skin made easy with nature’s skincare miracle. Beardo’s Hemp Soap is enriched with soothing Hemp seed oil known to calm irritated skin. Neem and Cucumber extracts contain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that heal and nourish the skin gently. Its refreshing fragrance will help you sail through the day effortlessly. Youthful skin is just a hemp bar away with the goodness of Almond and Lemon oil.

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Say hello to the future of skincare with Hemp soap! Your golden ticket to Calmdom; this soap is specially created to calm your skin, make it more youthful, and has an utterly refreshing fragrance that stays long- so you can slay for long!