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Beardo VIP DARKSIDE Gift Set



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Includes: VIP Wallet & Dark Side Perfume (100ml)
Vegan leather & Hand crafted
Refreshing & manly fragrance
Long lasting & versatile fragrance
345 cashback for VIP
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Flaunt your Beardo VIP status quo

Does your cash fall off? Does fit your IDs and all the cards? Does your wallet look bulky leaving you embarrassed? Is it stylish enough to flaunt? Is it functional yet easy-to-use? The solution to all these questions Beardo VIP Wallet. The stylish, slim and easy-to-use wallet from Beardo will set you apart from ordinary. With sleek design, unique slots, tap & shut mechanism and premium finish, Beardo VIP Wallet is all you need to put your money in. Literally. 

Stylish, functional and effortlessly cool!

Beardo VIP wallet is made using high quality material and skilled craftsmanship which has sturdy linings of the slots making it sturdy enough to last for a long time. Moreover, its sleek design is versatile and can be accessorized with both formal and casual outfits making it a complete package for an effortlessly stylish Beardo. 

Discover your dark side

It is said that you can never hide your true self, but what if you can unleash your striking demeanour with a fragrance? Beardo has personified its hedonistic appeal with an all-new fragrance for men, Dark Side. The Dark Side, Eau De Parfum has a unique and tasteful blend of strong woody notes that linger for a longer time. On the other hand, its fresh notes spruce you up instantly for your everyday shenanigans. Dark Side will give you a scintillating head start with its heady notes and keep you prepared for those close encounters.