Hair Serum

Slick Back In Style 
A longstanding fan favorite, the Beardo Hair Serum known for its lightweight nourishment and styling capabilities. With a non-greasy, lightweight formulation, Beardo brings you the swiftest shortcut to endless hair styles. The Beardo Hair Serum is everything you need to get your hair affairs in order. 
Smooth, Shine and Unlimited Styles - with Beardo Hair Serum
Daily pollution, the unrelenting heat or the dampness of rains - Don’t let bad weather ruin your good hair-days. Switch to Beardo Hair Serum - specially designed for men’s hair; always keep your hair-hydration at peak. Power packed with the goodness of Argan and Almond Oil that’ll nourish, replenish and give the right shine and style to your hair- no matter the weather ​
All-Round Treatment to Up Your Personal Grooming Regimen 
STEP 1: Revitalize and enhance scalp growth with Beardo Hair Growth Vitalizer with Scalp Regenesis. Use and leave it overnight to ensure  faster and stronger hair growth. ​STEP 2:  Wash out the Beardo Hair & Beard Growth Oil with Beardo Hair Growth Vitalizer Shampoo. A sulphate free formula designed especially for Men that cleanses and vitalizes the scalp to reduce Hair Fall and promote Hair Growth ​STEP 3: Deep-nourish your hair with Beardo Hair Serum. This magical hair serum ensures your hair looks smoother, shinier and sexier than ever! Helps prevent hair greying.​