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  • Beardo HEMP Facewash Scrub


Beardo HEMP Facewash Scrub

Beardo HEMP Facewash Scrub

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HEMP: Nature's Miracle for Healthy Skin
Healing and Calming
For Youthful and Clear Skin
Gentle Exfoliation and Restoration

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How To Use


Splash some water on your face


Pump-out some facewash & apply directly using built-in brush


Massage gently in circular motion and rinse thoroughly

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it make my skin dry?

Beardo Skin Tightening Facewash Scrub is from harsh chemicals like parabens and silicones therefore it is safe to be used daily and gentle on all types of skin. It cleanses the skin gently without leaving it dry.

Will the bristles damage my skin?

The built-in scrub head of Beardo Skin Tightening Facewash Scrub is made using silicon and therefore it is gentle yet effective on skin. We recommend using it in a circular motion avoiding the area around eyes.

Will it remove acne and blemishes?

Beardo Skin Tightening Facewash Scrub contains Hemp seed oil along with Aloe, neem and Liquorice extracts which are known to reduce blemishes and improve skin texture, using it regularly and following a proper skin care regime will help reduce acne and blemishes.

Is it suitable for summer use?

Beardo Skin Tightening Facewash Scrub is formulated to cleanse your skin gently and therefore it can be used in all seasons be it winter or summer.

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Keep Calm and Slay on!
Get on the Highway to Hemp with Beardo HEMP Face Scrub. This facewash has a unique built-in scrubbing head which exfoliates your skin gently, unclogs pores and works its magic deeply. Hemp is a natural skincare miracle rich in antioxidants, Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. It tightens skin by shrinking enlarged pores, improves collagen and maintains its youthful radiance. Along with Hemp, the scrub is powered by Aloe, Cucumber, Neem, Amla and Liquorice extracts which are known to calm irritated skin and keep it as youthful as ever!
Help Us Hemp You
Give a whole new meaning to going green with this revolutionary face scrub, which is specially made for men’s skin. Beardo HEMP Face Scrub is gentle and free from harsh chemicals. It refreshes the skin and rids your skin of acne while gently nourishing and calming it. Using this vegan and cruelty-free facewash regularly will help keep your skin clear and youthful. Don’t worry, be Hempy!