Beardo Brightening Under Eye Cream (20ml)



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Helps reduce fine lines & wrinkles
Helps lighten under eye dark circles
Helps reduce eye bags & puffiness
Soothes & moisturizes under eye skin
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How To Use


Cleanse your face thoroughly​


Squeeze out & dab some cream under the eyes ​


Massage gently in circular motion every night before going to bed ​


Aloe Vera Extract

Aloe vera is known for its soothing, healing and anti-inflammatory properties apart from moisturising.

It helps in repairing puffiness and prevent flaky skin under the eyes.​

Cucumber Extract

Due to its high water content, Cucumber gives a cooling effect to the under eye area, it also helps even out under eye darkcircles and prevent wrinkles.


Orchid Extract

Makes the skin texture more healthy by reducing wrinkles. Increases elasticity and restores the skin tone. Helps make under eye area smoother.​

Rose Extract

Rose has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties which help reduce under eye bags.​ ​ ​

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this product effective for reducing eye bags, puffiness and dark circles?

Beardo's Under eye cream is made from natural actives which are known to even out under eye dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles due to fatigue and late nights. With regular use and a proper skincare regime you may see evened out dark circles and reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

Can I use it daily?

Yes! This under-eye cream is gentle enough and safe to be used daily. We recommend including this serum in your daily skin care regime to get best results.

Does it reduce the fine lines and wrinkles?

Beardo's Under eye Cream contains 97.5 natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Rose Orchid, extracts and Vitamin E form Almon, Tea tree oil which is known to reduce the signs of ageing. With regular use and a proper skincare regime you may see reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

How many times shall I apply this product?

For best results, We recommend applying it after cleansing your face daily right before bedtime and leaving it overnight.
Feast for your eyes​

Gone are the days when men neglected their skincare regime! Men have started indulging in selfcare eye care regime is a crucial part of it. The skin under the eyes is delicate and sensitive and therefore it needs more care than rest of the skin. Using the ordinary creams may not be suitable or effective for dark circles and first signs of ageing. Beardo’s Undereye Cream is specially created to be effective on fine lines, wrinkles, and puffy eyes. Enriched with natural and free from harsh chemicals, this cream is safe for daily use, just cleanse your face and dab on some under your eyes before going to bed. Use it regularly to even out dark circles and keep your under-eye area smooth and clear. So get those bright and wide-awake eyes that makes your stares feast-worthy!​

Banish those dark circles​

Don’t let long working hours and Netflix binge take a toll on your eyes. Soothe your under-eye area and nourish it with Beardo’s super gentle Under eye cream. Made with 98% natural ingredients which are known to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and under eye dark circles, this under-eye cream will provide umpteen nourishment with Vitamin E which lightens dark circles and prevents first signs of ageing while Aloe, Cucumber and Rose extracts will soothe and moisturize tired skin.​