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  • Beardo Blaze Trimmer for Men
  • Beardo Blaze Trimmer for Men


Beardo Blaze Trimmer for Men

Beardo Blaze Trimmer for Men

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Powerful Lithium Ion Battery with 90 minutes run time on single charge
Self-Sharpening Stainless-Steel blades for a superior cut
19 different length adjustments
Quick charging battery - under 90 minutes

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Get that perfect fade.
The Blaze Trimmer offers a wide range of length settings, allowing you to customize your trim to your exact preferences. Whether you prefer a short or long trim, this trimmer has you covered with its 19 different length settings.
Quick charge technology:
The trimmer is equipped with quick charge technology that allows it to be fully charged in just 1.5 hours. This means you can charge the trimmer quickly and be ready to use it in no time. With 90 minutes of run time, you can use the trimmer for a significant amount of time without needing to charge it again.
LED Charge indicator
The LED indicator on the trimmer shows the charging status, so you know when the trimmer is ready to use.